If you are exhibiting in your house or a friend’s house, just fill the registrations form and pay the registration fee of £25.

If you are several to exhibit in the same venue (like your house) you all need to register individually and to pay fee.

If you need a venue, you will find below a list of the group venues/restaurant/houses. Please get in touch directly with the venue of your choice. They will tell you all you need to know (setting up time, what they can accommodate etc etc). Then when you have their agreements, you can register to the trail, fill the form and pay you registration’s fee.

Groups venues which have confirmed their participation (more are coming, so wait to the opening of the registration to contact them):

  • Easton Community Centre, can accommodate about 12 ish stalls in the hall, maybe some in the foyer, and possibly some paintings on the foyer walls. The centre will ask you a contribution of 10% of your sales in order to cover their staff cost during the week-end. Contact and copy
  • Greenbank 5, about 4/5 artists inside and maybe outside. Contact Richard 07 96 35 11 113.
  • Greenbank pub, can accommodate about 8 stalls on the upstairs room (no nails on wall) and possibly some 2D artists on the 5 panels on the groundfloor. Contact us for this one
  • St Anne’s Methodist Church, about 8 stalls. Contact Carla 07 999 57 80 18.
  • St Mark’s Baptiste Church, about 10 stalls and balcony space available too. Contact us for this one